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Stylage ® Is A Combination Of Antioxidant

Stylage ® is the best dermal filler with the right content. Introduced into the market in 2011, this became the very first dermal filler product with its own anesthetic lidocaine to prevent the client from feeling pain as they get the jab in their face. If you would like to retain your skin’s youthfulness, its moisture content as well as suppleness, you should use this product.

How does Stylage ® work?
Stylage ® fillers based on the hyaluronic acid and mannitol, which is an antioxidant that improves the health of the skin by getting rid of the dead cells and the free radicals. Stylage ® products has been made with the patented technology called IPN ® (interpenetrated network). In addition, the mother company, Vivacy ®, is a trendsetter in matters of beauty and skincare. Hyaluronic acid is very effective in moisturizing the skin and this product replenishes the levels of this acid, which should naturally be produced in the skin, but the mechanism for that slows down with age.

Mannitol will get rid of the free radicals that cause the degradation of the skin thus promoting fast aging. The best thing about this dermal fillers is that it has hyaluronic acid, mannitol and an anesthetic lidocaine, all in one. This ensures that it provides the beauty plus the healing benefits without the need for additional products. This is one product that anticipates and counters the effects of the product before and when they happen. This is because of mannitol, a natural antioxidant that is found in celery and olives. It reduces the inflammation and flushing of the skin that could be caused by hyaluronic acid.

How hyaluronic acid enhances the skin
It reduces wrinkles on the forehead, cheeks, under the eyes and any other facial part. It also provides volume to the face in hollow areas. Expect to glow from the hydration that comes from the hyaluronic acid. It also fills up the lips and gives them volume. If you feel as if your lips are not the same size and you want that, then our product is the best. It is also used on hands to give them smooth and hydrated feel.

What is in the family of Vivacy ® Laboratories dermal fillers?
The line of products comes with 7 products all of them used differently. For example, the XL is supposed to be injected into the subcutaneous layer of the skin for the correction of skin hollows in and around the cheekbone area, sagging skin and others. This product is mainly used for enhancing the contours of the face so that they are more visible and outstanding.

The special lip is usually injected into the middle dermis for the correction and augmentation of lip contours, correcting the smoker’s lines and to ensure that the lips stay hydrated all the time. The L product is injected into the deep dermis layer for the correction of deep wrinkles, volume restoration in the back of the hands and for the correction of deep naso-labial folds. Other products in the Stylage ® dermal fillers family include S, M and Hydromax.

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