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With Teosyal ® You Don’t Need Surgery

Teosyal ® is a tender skin filler based largely on the hyaluronic acid and it gives the best facial improvement results. It is among the best facial products in the market, catering to the skin filling needs of people of different ages in the market. With a wide range of 16 products that are tailored to suit your face, you can be sure that this product will have something that you can use. The doc will advise on the best product depending on your skin’s condition. The beauty of this all is that it deals with the moving facial parts, which are prone to wrinkles and ageing; such as the eyes and the mouth. You no longer have to worry that smiling or laughing a lot will overstretch your face. Teosyal ® is the product that will take care of your skin when it is stretched by emotions.

This wonderful product is based on non-animal based hyaluronic acid
Each one of us has hyaluronic acid in their skin. It plays an important role of making the skin look good by restoring water. It also restores the skin’s color to ensure that you do not appear pale. So you may be wondering why you need this product yet you have the acid naturally, right? As our skin ages, the hyaluronic acid keeps reducing. Other factors like unhealthy diet, smoking and illnesses might cause the skin to dry up. You need to inject it to keep a youthful look.

When is the right time to use this?
You can use the suggested product when you want to attend a special occasion. It penetrates into the skin to give you a smooth and glowing skin. Also, it provides comfort during hard and stressful times by repairing your skin from the effects that may be brought by the stress, and hydrates and treats the skin from exposure in the sun. For best effects, use it before and after contact with the sun. For fuller lips and filling the hollow parts of the face, it is the product to look for.

Non-surgical Teosyal ® procedure
The suggested application procedure involves direct injection into the skin using micro needles that cause no visible punctures to the skin. Different skins need the different number of procedures, which will be advised by your doctor. It takes as little as 30 minutes and you can visit your doctor during the day when you have some time. Anesthetic creams are also used to ease any discomfort from the procedure. The beauty about this injection is that it does not need a healing period. You can go around with your business and still look pretty.

Who can use Teosyal ® ?
• Anyone who needs a glowing and hydrated skin
• People who need to reduce the wrinkles and the aging lines of the face
• Anyone who wants their lips to be full and have some definition
Being beautiful is made easier by Teosyal. It takes care of your skin when you require a fuller and glowing face. During the day of the procedure, do not wear any makeup. For one week after the procedure, you will have to keep away from cruel conditions like sun or too much wind. Teosyal is the secret to beauty without surgery.

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